Wide Range of Wire Processing Equipments


Full Automatic Terminal Crimping Machine-CPR-ZERO/-ST

Fully Automatic Crimping Machine – Space-saving / Improved workability.

JN03SD-A – Fully Automatic Crimping Machine

The highly advanced machine is seeking for Excellent Price & High Performance.

WHS 2000 – Semi Automatic Crimping Machine

Suitable for seal insertion crimping of multi-conductor cable.

JACK 700 -Full Automatic Terminal Crimping Machine

Both-Ends Insertion – one and only inserting machine in the industry

A 700 – Cutting & Strip Machine

Space-saving design & Easy setting by liquid crystal display

CSD01+SBM250S – Strip Crimper

Improves quality by semi-automatic crimping from manual crimping.

SCM150S – Strip Crimper

Strip Crimper – Expert for cable processing

Auto-Pull Tester ATP-Series

Pull force curves can be monitored with the PC software.

Crimp Force Monitors CFM-MX Series

This series employs a highly precise and responsive piezoelectric force sensor, not like a load cell sensor usually employed with pressure measurement.

Crimp Force Monitor Series CFM-Lite

Easy-to-see force curve display and minimum necessary numerical information.

Cross Section Monitor CS-05W

Sample of crimped terminal can be cut, ground and done with electrolyte etching.

Crimp Vision Monitor CVM-3

CrimpedTerminal image inspection inline system.

Automatic Pull Tester

Automatic pull force tester for crimped cables.

Cross Section Monitor CS05W

CS05W is a comprehensive system for the cross-section checking process. With it, you can perform all parts; cutting, grinding and analyzing.

Electrolyte Etching Unit CEL-01

Clear image becomes visible immediately Without aggressive chemicals and toxic wastes.